Loved You Yesterday, Love You Today…

Today is Valentine’s Day, but you knew that already, right. If your Facebook is anything like mine there’ll be 3 distinct views about this day.

1) Loved up Couples
“Love my darling forever, you mean the world to me -forever and always, you’re my rock”

2) The Controversial Lovers
” F**K Valentines Day I don’t need one day to celebrate my love…. Blah blah blah” (not a fan)

3) The Singles
“All these couples make me sick, pass the Ben & Jerry’s!!!”

Whatever your view is on this day, personally I’m all for it – nothing extravagant just, well, a nice day.

Me and Nik have already kinda celebrated it. Yesterday was our anniversary – 9 BLOODY YEARS!! So inevitably we always feel extra loved up by the time Feb 14th rolls around!

Yesterday I treated him to a lovely meal prepared by moi!

On the menu

Starter: Heart shaped quesadilla’s (I know, I know! It’s enough to put you off your food)
Main: Spicy marinated chicken and pepper skewers & gallo pinto inspired by our Central American Travels
Dessert: Chocolate GU Puds (enough said)

We had a really lovely evening even though there wasn’t much of it as Nik was on a late shift, and today we’re ready for round 2! Ding Ding. We’ve opted for an easy M&S meal for two tonight which should be lovely! + We’ve got a cheeky bit o’steak! YUM! Next year will be 10 freakin’ years and we’re wanting to something BIG – maybe New York? Who knows?

Anyway I’ve moved away from the point.

Yes, Valentine’s Day may be a load of old commercial…..blah blah. Yes, we can say I love you everyday – but seriously what’s wrong with doing something a little more special one day. We all get so bogged down with day to day ‘ness that we don’t cook special meals or share a nice bottle of something as much you’d like! SO HAPPY BLOODY VALENTINES DAY!!!!

Share the love! And look love literally is all around… I spotted this on a tree whilst waiting for the bus this morning!




I’ve got my sparkle back!


Yay! Today was a good day! I met up with family and also I got my ring back from the jewellers. It’s even prettier and sparklier (is that a word?) Than I remember!

We both really missed it but now it’s perfect and fits my awkward “spider fingers”

I can go back to taking elaborately with my hands now!


Nailing my Wedding Day!

Stop and grow & Save the Nail - the perfect duo!

I’m sure all brides have little goals they want to achieve before their big day. Loose a few pounds, grow their hair, get whiter teeth? Here’s mine.

One of the ‘requirements’ I mentioned to Nik before he could propose was that I wanted to have long nails. We’re not talking massive talons but just nice shapely nails that make your hand look nice not horrid gnarled nasty nails I had as a result of years of nail nibbling.

When Nik proposed I technically did have long nails. I had a set of acrylics put on for December festivities and all polished up they looked really pretty especially with my new ring!

I had them taken off at the beginning of January and well! NEVER AGAIN, they’ve left my short nails in the worse condition ever, really thin and uneven! *cry*

Every year I’ve always said I’d stop nibbling my nails for my New Years Resolution. And yep you’ve guessed it. Every year #FAIL

But 2013 is looking up.

For one, I really want pretty nails to make my engagement ring look the best it can and secondly I’ve found the perfect little team to help me!

First up Stop and Grow

Stop and grow product review

I remember using stop and grow when I was really little, my mum used to put it on my thumb to stop me sucking it. I also remember sneaking to the bathroom to wash it off! SORRY MUM!

But this time round it seems to be working. And as it says, it is literally ‘willpower in a bottle’
It tastes vile and leaves a real lingering taste reminding you to never go there again!

The 2nd part of this team is Save the Nail


You use it everyday for about a week and then remove and start again. It also gives your nails a glossy finish which is quite nice. Plus it drys in next to no time!

I’m using it as a base coat and it so far really pleased with the results. The ridges have more or less gone and my nails are growing back stronger.


I’m gonna do it this time! My ring is away being made a little smaller at the moment, (awkward fingers) and I want my nails to be in good shape by the time it comes back!

Come on team, we can do this!


My nails will look like this!!!! (Nails pictured are acrylic)

Stop the Press I’ve found the Dress! or not.

So, since the proposal I have found a mountain of wedding blogs and websites to follow who feed me with my daily dose of weddingness! Thanks Guys!

…And I’ll admit I don’t think I’ve come across a wedding dress,table display or photo set that isn’t utterly beautiful, it may not be my exact taste but beautiful nevertheless. Until now.

I was just having a quick brew and a quick catch up when I came across a feature about lace wedding dresses – ooo lovely!

Scrolling though,my eyes were lighting up and I presume my bank was feeling pretty nervous as the likes of Jenny Packham and Claire Pettibone flicked across the screen. Then. OH MY WORD. THERE ARE NO WORDS. THIS.

Unusual Wedding Lace Catsuit - Delphine ManivetWHAT IS THIS?  The dress – Lovely. But what is the poor model strutting back wearing?

Is this a thing?

Is this an actual thing?

or is this lingerie? – even still? Hmm?

This unusual lace catsuit comes from Delphine Manivet’s 2013 collection and you can see the ‘garment’ in its fullness here in the catwalk video 

The rest of the dresses in the collection are stunning and the catsuit is, erm, well, quite  literally STUNNING!

I just had to express my flabbergastedness about this because I literally just spat out my tea!

What do you think, are we loving this? And also does anybody know when us brides are meant to wear this kinda thing? Down the isle in the bedroom? I just don’t know.

OK, that’s out of my system, as you were.



Momma’s a getting married!!

Hello again!

Here comes a lovely nugget of information…

My wonderful mummy got engaged last year too and will be tying the knot in May this year. Exciting!!!!!

I popped round last night just to say hello and talk quickly turned to WEDDINGS!!!

She and her ‘hubby to be’ Pascal have kindly asked me to design their wedding stationery. WOO! I can’t wait to start putting ideas together.

I won’t say too much but they’re thinking about a simple, elegant style with a hint of vintage! Nice.

It’s kinda cool being engaged at the same time. We can share ideas and not bore each other to death with endless wedding discussion!

The same goes with my friend Daina a.k.a my right shoe. She’s engaged to her fiancé, also Nick (freaky) and is in full blown wedding planning mode! But again, it’s great having people around you who are going through the same thing.

That said, it won’t stop me waxing lyrical about dresses,venues, flowers, canapés and seating plans to everyone else. They love it really!

Oh and here’s my momma…..

Moomin's Mum

Anyone else got friends or family planning a wedding at the same time? Quite fun isn’t it?


Out with a speech in with a song!

This video has been doing the rounds and my bessie Sarah shared it with me yesterday. Firstly congrats to Tom from McFly and his wife Giovanna on their marriage and secondly. WOW effort! +10 husband points.

I think it’s always nice to see new ideas and people putting their own twist on wedding traditions. It’s something I hope our wedding will have although I’m not sure Nik is up to 15mins of singing.

What do we think? Is this wedding speech an amazing display of creativity and affection or are you cringing behind your computer screen? I’d love to hear from you.




Let’s back track a little – The Proposal.

The Proposal | Berlin | The Ring

Today is a Tuesday. A pretty bog standard uneventful Tuesday. Let’s think about a Saturday, good things happen on Saturdays. Let us backtrack a little and think about Saturday the 15th December 2012.

It had been a pretty eventful couple of days that had gone a little something like this.

Thursday: My 24th Birthday. Had to pop to work in the morning. booo. 12.30pm birthday resumed. home. balloons, cupcakes and pressies. treasure hunt. OMG WE’RE GOING TO BERLIN!!! It’s minus 3*. CRAP I need some warm boots. Trip to Westfield Shopping Centre. Bite to eat. cocktail. OVERWHELMED. meal with the family. SO EXCITED. sleep. 3am wake up call.

Friday: Hello Berlin. snow. lovely hotel. sightseeing.walking.sausage.mulled still can’t believe I’m here.

So here we are, Saturday. That very eventful,unforgettable Saturday. We’d had a lovely wander round as we always do when visiting new places. No plan as such, just walking for miles talking in the sights. We’d been to a few Christmas Markets eaten countless sausages.


berliner-fernsehturm-gastronomie-barIn the evening we decided to go up the Fernsehturm, The huge TV tower in Alexanderplatz. The view was pretty awesome. A 360* view over the city. We wandered around (naturally) and tried to spot the places we had been earlier in the day. There was a cocktail bar up at the top and we fancied a drink, so once some stools became available we propped ourself up at the bar and enjoyed a few german beers and a mojito. YUM.

Feeling a little jolly, we had another wonder and sat down and stared out at the view, as I mentioned before, we were feeling a tad ‘happy’ which caused us to ramble and reminisce how good 2012 has been.

The next part is a bit of a blur (not the alcohols fault) but I’ll do my best to recreate the events.

So there we were sitting, staring, reminiscing.

“It’s been a great year hasn’t it?”

“It really has.”

“I’d like more of them.”

“Me too!”

“With me?”

“Of course.”

“Well in that case look down.”

Now, remember we were over 200m in the air, logically or stupidly (take your pick) I look down on the streets below.

“No, the other way”

I look the other way. Again. At the streets below.


I turn, and as if by magic Nik’s whipped out a ring and holding it at his chest.

“Will you marry me?”


…and then, cue the tears. Sobbing into his jacket and squeezing him to death he says;

“So, is that a yes?”

“oh, sorry. YES. YES YES!!!!”

Sorry for leaving you hanging Nik!

The ring was/is beautiful. Totally me. Not too bling, a bit ‘vintagey’ and of course, mine!

So that was Saturday.

A very happy emotional Saturday. We ended that Saturday by eating currywurst & drinking lots of Gluhwein (Mulled Wine) down in the Christmas Markets. Perfect.

Love you Nik!

Writing this has made me feel all lovely inside. Any other proposal stories out there? Please share and we can feel all lovely together!

Moo x

Wrapped up warm | German Christmas Market | BerlinCheckpoint Charlie | Berlin | Berlin WallMirlah & Nik | Berlin | Brandenburg Gate

Yet another wedding blog?

Hessian Engagement Bunting

Bunting from Collecting Feathers – Etsy


Welcome to yet another wedding blog, ahh never mind eh – you can never have too many!

The name is Mirlah (mer-la) and I’m ENGAGED! WAHEY! Are you engaged too? Yeah? WOO! HIGH FIVE!!!

I’ve decided to document my wedding adventure through a blog because:

1, I’ve quickly learnt that the world of weddings is a minefield and I could do with some organsisation (don’t worry I’ve got my pinterest board(s) all set up, obvs!)


2, I think it’d be quite nice to look back when me and husband (ooo that sounds weird) are grey and old read about the madness that was creating our perfect day.


This blog is probably for my benefit more than anything, and there are TONS of amazing and inspirational (& professional) wedding blogs out there that will trump mine – but if you happen to stumble upon my little wedding blog. Firstly, HELLO and secondly, I hope you enjoy my little BIG adventure. There’ll be ideas, thoughts, emotions and a wedding dress or two! Follow me as I embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Destination. WEDDING DAY. You may be in for a bumpy ride.

Mirlah a.k.a Moomin