Stop the Press I’ve found the Dress! or not.

So, since the proposal I have found a mountain of wedding blogs and websites to follow who feed me with my daily dose of weddingness! Thanks Guys!

…And I’ll admit I don’t think I’ve come across a wedding dress,table display or photo set that isn’t utterly beautiful, it may not be my exact taste but beautiful nevertheless. Until now.

I was just having a quick brew and a quick catch up when I came across a feature about lace wedding dresses – ooo lovely!

Scrolling though,my eyes were lighting up and I presume my bank was feeling pretty nervous as the likes of Jenny Packham and Claire Pettibone flicked across the screen. Then. OH MY WORD. THERE ARE NO WORDS. THIS.

Unusual Wedding Lace Catsuit - Delphine ManivetWHAT IS THIS?  The dress – Lovely. But what is the poor model strutting back wearing?

Is this a thing?

Is this an actual thing?

or is this lingerie? – even still? Hmm?

This unusual lace catsuit comes from Delphine Manivet’s 2013 collection and you can see the ‘garment’ in its fullness here in the catwalk video 

The rest of the dresses in the collection are stunning and the catsuit is, erm, well, quite  literally STUNNING!

I just had to express my flabbergastedness about this because I literally just spat out my tea!

What do you think, are we loving this? And also does anybody know when us brides are meant to wear this kinda thing? Down the isle in the bedroom? I just don’t know.

OK, that’s out of my system, as you were.




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