Momma’s a getting married!!

Hello again!

Here comes a lovely nugget of information…

My wonderful mummy got engaged last year too and will be tying the knot in May this year. Exciting!!!!!

I popped round last night just to say hello and talk quickly turned to WEDDINGS!!!

She and her ‘hubby to be’ Pascal have kindly asked me to design their wedding stationery. WOO! I can’t wait to start putting ideas together.

I won’t say too much but they’re thinking about a simple, elegant style with a hint of vintage! Nice.

It’s kinda cool being engaged at the same time. We can share ideas and not bore each other to death with endless wedding discussion!

The same goes with my friend Daina a.k.a my right shoe. She’s engaged to her fiancé, also Nick (freaky) and is in full blown wedding planning mode! But again, it’s great having people around you who are going through the same thing.

That said, it won’t stop me waxing lyrical about dresses,venues, flowers, canapés and seating plans to everyone else. They love it really!

Oh and here’s my momma…..

Moomin's Mum

Anyone else got friends or family planning a wedding at the same time? Quite fun isn’t it?



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