Nailing my Wedding Day!

I’m sure all brides have little goals they want to achieve before their big day. Loose a few pounds, grow their hair, get whiter teeth? Here’s mine. One of the ‘requirements’ I mentioned to Nik before he could propose was that I wanted to have long nails. We’re not talking massive talons but just nice […]

Stop the Press I’ve found the Dress! or not.

So, since the proposal I have found a mountain of wedding blogs and websites to follow who feed me with my daily dose of weddingness! Thanks Guys! …And I’ll admit I don’t think I’ve come across a wedding dress,table display or photo set that isn’t utterly beautiful, it may not be my exact taste but […]

Momma’s a getting married!!

Hello again! Here comes a lovely nugget of information… My wonderful mummy got engaged last year too and will be tying the knot in May this year. Exciting!!!!! I popped round last night just to say hello and talk quickly turned to WEDDINGS!!! She and her ‘hubby to be’ Pascal have kindly asked me to […]

Out with a speech in with a song!

This video has been doing the rounds and my bessie Sarah shared it with me yesterday. Firstly congrats to Tom from McFly and his wife Giovanna¬†on their marriage and secondly. WOW effort! +10 husband points. I think it’s always nice to see new ideas and people putting their own twist on wedding traditions. It’s something […]

Let’s back track a little – The Proposal.

Today is a Tuesday. A pretty bog standard uneventful Tuesday. Let’s think about a Saturday, good things happen on Saturdays. Let us backtrack a little and think about Saturday the 15th December 2012. It had been a pretty eventful couple of days that had gone a little something like this. Thursday: My 24th Birthday. Had […]

Yet another wedding blog?

Hey! Welcome to yet another wedding blog, ahh never mind eh – you can never have too many! The name is Mirlah (mer-la) and I’m ENGAGED! WAHEY! Are you engaged too? Yeah? WOO! HIGH FIVE!!! I’ve decided to document my wedding adventure through a blog because: 1, I’ve quickly learnt that the world of weddings […]