Let’s back track a little – The Proposal.

The Proposal | Berlin | The Ring

Today is a Tuesday. A pretty bog standard uneventful Tuesday. Let’s think about a Saturday, good things happen on Saturdays. Let us backtrack a little and think about Saturday the 15th December 2012.

It had been a pretty eventful couple of days that had gone a little something like this.

Thursday: My 24th Birthday. Had to pop to work in the morning. booo. 12.30pm birthday resumed. home. balloons, cupcakes and pressies. treasure hunt. OMG WE’RE GOING TO BERLIN!!! It’s minus 3*. CRAP I need some warm boots. Trip to Westfield Shopping Centre. Bite to eat. cocktail. OVERWHELMED. meal with the family. SO EXCITED. sleep. 3am wake up call.

Friday: Hello Berlin. snow. lovely hotel. sightseeing.walking.sausage.mulled wine.markets. still can’t believe I’m here.

So here we are, Saturday. That very eventful,unforgettable Saturday. We’d had a lovely wander round as we always do when visiting new places. No plan as such, just walking for miles talking in the sights. We’d been to a few Christmas Markets eaten countless sausages.


berliner-fernsehturm-gastronomie-barIn the evening we decided to go up the Fernsehturm, The huge TV tower in Alexanderplatz. The view was pretty awesome. A 360* view over the city. We wandered around (naturally) and tried to spot the places we had been earlier in the day. There was a cocktail bar up at the top and we fancied a drink, so once some stools became available we propped ourself up at the bar and enjoyed a few german beers and a mojito. YUM.

Feeling a little jolly, we had another wonder and sat down and stared out at the view, as I mentioned before, we were feeling a tad ‘happy’ which caused us to ramble and reminisce how good 2012 has been.

The next part is a bit of a blur (not the alcohols fault) but I’ll do my best to recreate the events.

So there we were sitting, staring, reminiscing.

“It’s been a great year hasn’t it?”

“It really has.”

“I’d like more of them.”

“Me too!”

“With me?”

“Of course.”

“Well in that case look down.”

Now, remember we were over 200m in the air, logically or stupidly (take your pick) I look down on the streets below.

“No, the other way”

I look the other way. Again. At the streets below.


I turn, and as if by magic Nik’s whipped out a ring and holding it at his chest.

“Will you marry me?”


…and then, cue the tears. Sobbing into his jacket and squeezing him to death he says;

“So, is that a yes?”

“oh, sorry. YES. YES YES!!!!”

Sorry for leaving you hanging Nik!

The ring was/is beautiful. Totally me. Not too bling, a bit ‘vintagey’ and of course, mine!

So that was Saturday.

A very happy emotional Saturday. We ended that Saturday by eating currywurst & drinking lots of Gluhwein (Mulled Wine) down in the Christmas Markets. Perfect.

Love you Nik!

Writing this has made me feel all lovely inside. Any other proposal stories out there? Please share and we can feel all lovely together!

Moo x

Wrapped up warm | German Christmas Market | BerlinCheckpoint Charlie | Berlin | Berlin WallMirlah & Nik | Berlin | Brandenburg Gate


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