Loved You Yesterday, Love You Today…

Today is Valentine’s Day, but you knew that already, right. If your Facebook is anything like mine there’ll be 3 distinct views about this day.

1) Loved up Couples
“Love my darling forever, you mean the world to me -forever and always, you’re my rock”

2) The Controversial Lovers
” F**K Valentines Day I don’t need one day to celebrate my love…. Blah blah blah” (not a fan)

3) The Singles
“All these couples make me sick, pass the Ben & Jerry’s!!!”

Whatever your view is on this day, personally I’m all for it – nothing extravagant just, well, a nice day.

Me and Nik have already kinda celebrated it. Yesterday was our anniversary – 9 BLOODY YEARS!! So inevitably we always feel extra loved up by the time Feb 14th rolls around!

Yesterday I treated him to a lovely meal prepared by moi!

On the menu

Starter: Heart shaped quesadilla’s (I know, I know! It’s enough to put you off your food)
Main: Spicy marinated chicken and pepper skewers & gallo pinto inspired by our Central American Travels
Dessert: Chocolate GU Puds (enough said)

We had a really lovely evening even though there wasn’t much of it as Nik was on a late shift, and today we’re ready for round 2! Ding Ding. We’ve opted for an easy M&S meal for two tonight which should be lovely! + We’ve got a cheeky bit o’steak! YUM! Next year will be 10 freakin’ years and we’re wanting to something BIG – maybe New York? Who knows?

Anyway I’ve moved away from the point.

Yes, Valentine’s Day may be a load of old commercial…..blah blah. Yes, we can say I love you everyday – but seriously what’s wrong with doing something a little more special one day. We all get so bogged down with day to day ‘ness that we don’t cook special meals or share a nice bottle of something as much you’d like! SO HAPPY BLOODY VALENTINES DAY!!!!

Share the love! And look love literally is all around… I spotted this on a tree whilst waiting for the bus this morning!




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