Nailing my Wedding Day!

Stop and grow & Save the Nail - the perfect duo!

I’m sure all brides have little goals they want to achieve before their big day. Loose a few pounds, grow their hair, get whiter teeth? Here’s mine.

One of the ‘requirements’ I mentioned to Nik before he could propose was that I wanted to have long nails. We’re not talking massive talons but just nice shapely nails that make your hand look nice not horrid gnarled nasty nails I had as a result of years of nail nibbling.

When Nik proposed I technically did have long nails. I had a set of acrylics put on for December festivities and all polished up they looked really pretty especially with my new ring!

I had them taken off at the beginning of January and well! NEVER AGAIN, they’ve left my short nails in the worse condition ever, really thin and uneven! *cry*

Every year I’ve always said I’d stop nibbling my nails for my New Years Resolution. And yep you’ve guessed it. Every year #FAIL

But 2013 is looking up.

For one, I really want pretty nails to make my engagement ring look the best it can and secondly I’ve found the perfect little team to help me!

First up Stop and Grow

Stop and grow product review

I remember using stop and grow when I was really little, my mum used to put it on my thumb to stop me sucking it. I also remember sneaking to the bathroom to wash it off! SORRY MUM!

But this time round it seems to be working. And as it says, it is literally ‘willpower in a bottle’
It tastes vile and leaves a real lingering taste reminding you to never go there again!

The 2nd part of this team is Save the Nail


You use it everyday for about a week and then remove and start again. It also gives your nails a glossy finish which is quite nice. Plus it drys in next to no time!

I’m using it as a base coat and it so far really pleased with the results. The ridges have more or less gone and my nails are growing back stronger.


I’m gonna do it this time! My ring is away being made a little smaller at the moment, (awkward fingers) and I want my nails to be in good shape by the time it comes back!

Come on team, we can do this!


My nails will look like this!!!! (Nails pictured are acrylic)


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