Yet another wedding blog?

Hessian Engagement Bunting

Bunting from Collecting Feathers – Etsy


Welcome to yet another wedding blog, ahh never mind eh – you can never have too many!

The name is Mirlah (mer-la) and I’m ENGAGED! WAHEY! Are you engaged too? Yeah? WOO! HIGH FIVE!!!

I’ve decided to document my wedding adventure through a blog because:

1, I’ve quickly learnt that the world of weddings is a minefield and I could do with some organsisation (don’t worry I’ve got my pinterest board(s) all set up, obvs!)


2, I think it’d be quite nice to look back when me and husband (ooo that sounds weird) are grey and old read about the madness that was creating our perfect day.


This blog is probably for my benefit more than anything, and there are TONS of amazing and inspirational (& professional) wedding blogs out there that will trump mine – but if you happen to stumble upon my little wedding blog. Firstly, HELLO and secondly, I hope you enjoy my little BIG adventure. There’ll be ideas, thoughts, emotions and a wedding dress or two! Follow me as I embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Destination. WEDDING DAY. You may be in for a bumpy ride.

Mirlah a.k.a Moomin



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